About us:

KTS - production and trading company for aerospace technology in Austria.

Since the founding of KTS in 1993 by Peter Sporrer, we have been engaged in the development and manufacturing of cable assemblies for the aerospace, military and industry sector. Quality and precision were the main focus from the beginning. Today a strong team produces complex cable systems of the highest technology standards with a production area of 2.000 m².

Our technical expertise, enormous flexibility, the infrastructure which has existed over a number of years combined with the factory built in 2016 specifically distinguish us from the competition. We support our customers in the search for workable solutions that will lead to long-term success for both sides. It’s very important for us to implement your design in a timely manner using innovative and state-of-the-art solutions.
KTS has been certified since 2004 as a production company in
accordance with the requirements of the EASA Part 21G and EN9100

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